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Build a progress button with me (yes it is a component)


You know that feeling when right after hitting that send button you still want to edit something or changed your mind? This progress button allows people to rethink again and change their minds.

Why would we need a progress button?

My proofreading skills improve by at least 200% after I hit a send button. If you feel your users could use a little think again option, this progress button is for you.

Desired goal: Once a user selects the Send request button, the button shall fill in a different color, linear progressing from left to right and display a text like sending... click to cancel. If the user selects that button now again to cancel the action, we want to reset that Fill and Text to the original state.

progress button

Build the component

As we want to make this as reusable as possible, we will invest some time to create it as a component.

Set the custom properties

  • backgroundFill (Color) : ColorValue("#1e6091")
  • progressFill (Color): ColorValue("#168aad")
  • textColor (Color): White
  • progressbuttonHeight (Number): 40
  • progressbuttonWidth (Number): 200
  • labelContent (Table):
        id: 1,
        text: "send request"
        id: 2,
        text: "sending... click to cancel"
        id: 3,
        text: "sent"
  • Now set ths OnReset property of the component to Set(cmp_labelTrack,1);Set(cmp_timerRun,false)


  • Add

    • 3 buttons btn_background, btn_progress and btn_overlay
    • 1 labels lbl_Content
    • 1 timer Timer1

to the component

  • Set all of these to the same Width: cmp_progressButton.progressButtonWidth, Height: cmp_progressButton.progressButtonHeight, X: 5 and Y: 5, so that they overlap. Order them so that the overlay button is on top, the lbl_Content is on top of btn_progress and the btn_progress is on top of the btn_background

button progress controls

  • We will want to set the initial state of our label in the OnVisible of the screen Reset(cmp_progressButton_3)

Overlay button

This button is the one that contains all the magic:

  • Set its OnSelect to

as we want to start/stop a timer and control which row of our content we want to display in the text label.

  • Set all Colors of this button to Transparent - we want it to visually disappear. Don’t set the Visible property to false - users can’t interact then with it.
  • Set the Text property to "" - we don’t need any text in here.

Text label

  • Set the Text property of the label to LookUp(cmp_progressButton.labelContent,id=cmp_labelTrack, text) - This makes sure OnVisible of the screen (cmp_labelTrack = 1), we display send request, while once our user selected the button (cmp_labelTrack = 2) we display sending... click to cancel. We will later adjust the timer so that the last text sent! is being displayed OnTimerEnd.

Background button

This is the button that looks as if it was the one people click on - but as we have an overlap with the overlay button, it shall just look pretty - I liked it plain and simple and went for Radius: 0.

  • Set its DisplayMode to View - users won’t interact with it.
  • Set its Text to ""
  • Set its Fill to a cmp_progressButton.backgroundFill, make the BorderColor Transparent and let HoverBorderColor, PressedColorBorder = Self.Fill

progress button

This is the button that fill up from left to right once user selects the overlay button

  • Set its Fill property to cmp_progressButton.progressFill
  • Make the BorderColor Transparent and let HoverBorderColor, PressedColorBorder = Self.Fill
  • Set its Text to ""
  • Set its Width to cmp_progressButton.progressButtonWidth*(Timer.Value/Timer.Duration) - this means that at any given point the Width of the button will be determined by the progression of the running timer
  • Set HoverFill to btn_background.Fill


It’s time to take care of the Timer control

  • AutoStart: cmp_timerRun
  • OnTimerEnd: Set(cmp_labelTrack, 3);Set(cmp_timerRun, false) - as mentioned above - we now display the third text in the label
  • Reset !cmp_timerRun
  • Duration: 2000 (milliseconds)

one more thing…

To make this component fully adjustable, now add two more custom properties to it:

  • sizeWidth** (Number): btn_background.Width+10
  • sizeHeight** (Number): btn_background.Height+10

Adjust X and Y of the btn_background to 5.

That’s it!

progress button

Feedback and what’s next?

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