Luise Freese

Should you attend yet another meeting?

Do you suffer from meeting overload as well?

We joke around, that “this meeting could have been an email” and still our calendars are filled with meetings, meetings and even more meetings. Sometimes, our time is double or even triple-booked. We “wait for everyone to join” because we know that people sit in hour-long or day-long back-to back sessions. This comes with a lot of disadvantages… Our ability to focus on the content is going down, we zone out, we do other stuff (like catching up on mails and messages while we are stuck in a meeting ).

We need to develop a new skill: determining if our presence (not only having our account joined the meeting but proactively contributing to the meetings objectives) is required or not. To make better decisions when you are about to hit the “accept, use this handy flowchart:

flow chart

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