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10 signs you are an Office 365 Consultant

I wrote this blogpost jointly with my colleague MVP Andi Krueger, originally published in Microsoft Sway

1. Your answer to nearly everything begins with… “It depends…”

T-Shirt with Print: Single, Taken, Depends on who is asking

Given the complexity, there are no simple answers. And although “it depends” is a cliché, it is simply an expression of the fact that as consultants we try hard to look at the customer with all his peculiarities before we answer.

Your answer to nearly everything begins with… “It depends…”

2. You work in more tenants than you can remember the passwords for.

Screen with Password

And although we know exactly which tool we would recommend for which application, we use quite different services that work independently of Office 365.

You have to scroll through your Microsoft Authenticator App* and provide a keychain for RSA tokens.

  • ..and did create a folder on your smartphone’s home screen to have all the authenticator apps in one place.

3. Your single browser is Google Chrome because you need different profiles

Avatar Pictures

With Google Chrome you have the ability to create several user profiles and use them simultaneously. This is a great help and the only way to

  • do demos in Office 365 that require more than one active user. * keep up to date in your customers tenants

Update: EDGE!

4. Your Laptop has more stickers than keys :-)

Laptop with lots of geeky stickers

In order to show our nerd status credibly and uniquely, we stick many geek stickers on our Laptops :-)

5. While your devices are slim and elegant, your bag with cables and dongles becomes bigger and bigger.

Bags with cables and dongles

With slim laptops a new challenge arises: You run out of ports. By now there are several standards on how to connect a laptop to a beamer: VGA, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, Thunderbold, Ethernet or via a ClickShare Dongle (which requires USB). You know there are even more but can’t list them.

6. You have at minimum three personal devices.

an iPad and three iPhones

Seriously? Yes. Private, Business, Demo.

7. You are a travel pro.

You are on the road a lot, because you need to see your customers and spend a lot of time at conferences, SharePoint Saturdays and other community events — this makes you a #TravelPro

Covid 19 Update: You are a kick ass badass in delivering online sessions

8. Recently you thought about cleaning up your test and demo environments…

a very messy room

You have a messy pile of Site Collections, test- users and documents with random text in it. You should #MarieKondo it :-)

9. Your parents describe your job using the words “does something with computers and clouds”.

typing man looking into the camera

Since you started working with computers you are RESPONSIBLE for every computer, smartphone and anything related to internet connectivity issues and the configuration of any television.

10. You are a WiFi and LTE addict.

Wifi logo

All cloud services rely on a reliable internet connection. There are times, there is no such thing like a gigabyte direct route into a Microsoft data center. In these times you start to honor your very own LTE or WiFi network.

What about you?

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