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How to build a working hours tracker

After I wrote the story about my very first MicrosoftFlow I was curious if I could do another one. So I don’t wanted to create a new flow, but to improve the one I created before. What I want to achieve: A flow button, from which different freelancers can submit their working hours for different projects in a SharePoint list which accessed by HQ. Bonus: I want to have a minimum troubleshooting feature :-).

Step 1: I started with a list in SharePoint and 5 columns: Project Name, Hours spent, Today’s date,problem, and User.

Step 2: I chose the manual trigger flow button:

Microsoft Flow trigger manual

For the Project Name, I decided to add a drop-down list of options for the different projects and called them Project A, Project B, Project C. Hours Spent is just a text field, Problem is a yes/no field and User is just the Users name so we get a better overview who submitted which row.

This was just easy!

Step 3: I chose Create item in SharePoint, and connected to my SharePoint site and to the list I just created:

Microsoft Flow Create Item in SharePoint action

I The Fields are chosen from the Add Dynamic Content menu so that my inputs from the mobile button fills my SharePoint list. Magic :-)

Step 4: I want a mobile notification and further action depending on if a problem was submitted or not for two reasons: On the one hand I wanted to give my users a confirmation, that this button works and on the other hand I want to provide help if users need it.

Microsoft Flow Condition

Step 5: notification for NO problem:

Microsoft Flow send mobile notification action

To customize this a little bit, I used the User name and some other details for the mobile notification. I dont need links or link labels here.

Step 6: The notification for YES problem is a bit more extensive plus I want to send an email to my user:

Microsoft Flow send notification and email actions

Step 7: Back to my SharePoint list I want to format the problem column:

SharePoint format column sidebar

so I get a clear overview which Projects need my attention! I sorted from yes to no and I’m done!

SharePoint list with a formatted column

Bam! So if you are interested: this is the whole flow:

Microsoft Flow flow

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